Dogematic the DOGE of MATIC

4 min readJun 7, 2021


It has been almost three weeks since the birth of Dogematic. The project was launched just shortly before the “blood bath” that shook the market and whole crypto space, but we have survived the turmoil with great stability, proving that Dogematic is here to stay. So, we thought it’s a good time now to tell you more about the Doge of Matic — Greatest Show on Polygon!

Being a Layer2 solution, Polygon has a huge potential which more and more people in the crypto space are starting to realize. Unfortunately, this also attracts bad intentions, so the network has seen very high activity of scammers. With so many rug-pulls and failed projects happening on Polygon every day, it was the right time to introduce something that deals with this issue. And when the founders of Dogematic got rugged themselves — it was the final straw to agree on launching their own project.

Launched With Amazing Trust

The launch of Dogematic was different from many other projects because it was done manually, without involving services like DxSale. Besides saving some initial costs for the launch, this was also a way to see the true potential of the project idea and community that it can build. The result was phenomenal as more than 100k was invested in a very short amount of time. Investors showed amazing level of trust in the project team as they were ready to send their funds directly to founders’ wallet in exchange for DM tokens.

There were two rounds of presale:

- May 15, private round with price of 100 Matic = 50,000 DM (max. contribution 1000 Matic), 20% of total supply

- May 16, public presale with a price of 100 Matic = 45,000 DM (max. contribution 500 Matic), 15% of total supply

The limits were put in place to guarantee fair token distribution and restrict whales and sharks from buying huge quantities to manipulate the price later. The presale was big success, attracting 170 early holders, and selling all available tokens, which once again confirmed the confidence in the team.

The listing of Dogematic on Quickswap happened on May 17th with 33,000,000 (33%) DMs locked in the liquidity. Listing price was 100 Matic = 40,000 DM, which was only a fraction higher than in presale to ensure there would not be massive sell-offs. The growth has been steady and organic ever since, but with every day Dogematic is attracting more people and rewarding those with diamond hands.

Unique Set Of Features

Dogematic has appealing tokenomics where with every transaction 5% are added to liquidity pool, but another 5% rewarded to token holders. But it is actually a set of three other features that make it really different:

1) Save The Rugged Guys (STRG) — an initiative that reimburses investors of rugged projects. The community will decide which projects to refund by sending part of invested money to those who are holding Dogematic tokens.

2) The Seal of Trust — Dogematic team will perform audits and validate projects on Polygon network to signal investors in crypto space when it is safe to invest

3) A Charity Fund — Dogematic is here to stay and to grow along with Matic, so the project will be giving our holders the opportunity to experience life-changing events and give back to the society

Although these features are still being worked on before roll-out, the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. The first round of STRG is actually in its final steps before going live and the first scam project to reimburse will be Polymus finance.

STRG initiative “IN ACTION”

Polymus Finance was probably one of the fastest and largest scams lately on the Polygon network which attracted a lot of attention, but also left many investors with nothing. They organized a whitelist lottery for presale, attracted a lot of investors and then rug-pulled the project right after presale, getting away with 271 thousand dollars. Well, luckily the STRG initiative cares about these people and will help.

Dogematic together with number of other well-known projects on the Polygon network (Swapmatic, PolyZap, Polydoge, MoonCharts, PolySAFU, Polysafe and Quickchart) will each contribute their tokens worth of 2500 USD which will be airdropped to investors of Polymus finance. People will be reimbursed for 10–20% of their investment, but with all of that partner project having huge growth potential, investors eventually can expect to get back a substantial part of their lost money.

A link to the application form will be provided and rugged Polymus finance investors will have to fill in required information like transaction ID and wallet address to prove they qualify for reimbursement. You can find out more by joining official STRG telegram channel or visiting channels of our supporters —, TechRate, Polyce Rugpatrol, Matic Moon Gems and Polymania..

Growing and getting stronger

From day 1 we have had ambition to become one of the best projects on the rapidly growing Polygon network. There is a bright future ahead for Dogematic. An ambitious plan (#hypergrowth100) has been put together to bring project to its first target — a 100 million market cap. The activities have started rolling out, so this is the right time to jump on the Dogematic train. Will you?




We are Dogematic the DOGE of MATIC, a community driven memecoin+ with automatic LP and static rewards, coming with features to reimburse rugged investors.