STRG (Save The Rugged Guys): fighting against the scams, one step at a time

3 min readJun 8, 2021


Every day we hear about yet another rugged project on Polygon. There is a lot of bad faith in the crypto space and new investors are hesitant to trust their money because they fear being scammed. The network is in real need for something that can rebuild the confidence and show the investors that there is someone who cares about them. Luckily, Dogematic (the Doge of Matic) plans to do exactly that and has two important features to fight against the scams:

1) Save The Rugged Guys (STRG) — an initiative that reimburses investors of rugged projects with the help of community and partner projects

2) The Seal of Trust — a service for auditing and validating new projects on Polygon network to show the investors when it is safe to invest

While the Seal of Trust is still being developed, the STRG is already being rolled out and the first scam project to reimburse will be Polymus finance.

It was probably one of the fastest and largest scams lately on the Polygon network which attracted a lot of attention, but also left many investors with nothing. They organized a whitelist lottery for presale, attracted a lot of investors and then rug-pulled the project right after presale, getting away with 271 thousand dollars.

How will the STRG work?

In short, STRG is an initiative that reimburses investors of rugged projects. The community decides which projects to refund and then some part of the invested money is sent to people who were holding the rugged project tokens. In this first round, Dogematic together with number of other well-known projects will each contribute their tokens worth of 2500 USD which will be airdropped to investors of Polymus finance. People will be reimbursed for 10–20% of their investment, but with all of the partner projects having huge growth potential, investors eventually can expect to get back a substantial part of their lost money. One important advantage to mention — if the investor in the rugged project is also a holder of Dogematic tokens worth at least 200$ then they qualify to get a bonus of +50% reimbursement in $DM.

The confirmed partners of the project are some of the greatest names and future prospects on the Polygon network:

  • Swapmatic: an automated market maker Swap aggregator that empowers innovative L2 projects on Polygon with SWAM liquidity mining.
  • PolyZap: has the lowest fees on polygon network for token swaps and dex fees are shared to PZAP holders using Zapper hub.
  • Polydoge: the first Polygon project that is launched on MXC exchange.
  • MoonCharts: will revolutionize the technical analysis with a lightning-quick cross-chain charting and dex tools platform.
  • PolySAFU: a trading tools platform that offers you a Launchpad, a Portfolio Manager, Tradingview charts, new token hunter bots and more.
  • Polysafe: a project that brings safe adoption and investing to Polygon network, including whale resistant transaction caps
  • Quickchart: a trusted source for reliable charts of projects on the Polygon network.

Are you a rugged investor of Polymus? Here’s the application to fill in required information like transaction ID and wallet address to prove you qualify for reimbursement.

Make sure to retweet the STRG tweet and link at least two crypto friends / influencers, to be whitelisted for the reimbursement.

You can find out more by joining official STRG telegram channel or visiting channels of our supporters : TechRate, MaticNews, Poly — Rugpatrol, Matic Moon Gems, Polymania and The DeFi Pub.

About Dogematic

Dogematic has appealing tokenomics where with every transaction 5% are added to liquidity pool, but another 5% rewarded to token holders. But what makes it truly different is the utility of the token and features of the project — STRG, the Seal of Trust, Charity fund. The growth has been steady and organic since the launch, but with every day Dogematic is attracting more people and rewarding those with diamond hands. A comprehensive and impactful activation plan (#hypergrowth100) has been initiated recently to give Dogematic awareness the boost it deserves and to help reach substantial growth in medium and long term.

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We are Dogematic the DOGE of MATIC, a community driven memecoin+ with automatic LP and static rewards, coming with features to reimburse rugged investors.