STRG (Save The Rugged Guys): fighting against the scams, one step at a time

  • Swapmatic: an automated market maker Swap aggregator that empowers innovative L2 projects on Polygon with SWAM liquidity mining.
  • PolyZap: has the lowest fees on polygon network for token swaps and dex fees are shared to PZAP holders using Zapper hub.
  • Polydoge: the first Polygon project that is launched on MXC exchange.
  • MoonCharts: will revolutionize the technical analysis with a lightning-quick cross-chain charting and dex tools platform.
  • PolySAFU: a trading tools platform that offers you a Launchpad, a Portfolio Manager, Tradingview charts, new token hunter bots and more.
  • Polysafe: a project that brings safe adoption and investing to Polygon network, including whale resistant transaction caps
  • Quickchart: a trusted source for reliable charts of projects on the Polygon network.



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We are Dogematic the DOGE of MATIC, a community driven memecoin+ with automatic LP and static rewards, coming with features to reimburse rugged investors.